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For this client, sales growth of their custom-designed food processing equipment had resulted in longer design / build lead times and higher prices. Sales had dried up, project ‘job’ costs were high and cash flow was minimal. After 3 years with a new ERP, the system still didn’t ‘connect’ quoting and sales with engineering and manufacturing. BOMs, JIT purchasing, scheduling and inventory control still didn’t work well. Employees still couldn’t / wouldn’t use the system; morale was low; turnover was high.

Fast forward to today! After streamlining and integrating their systems, work processes and procedures, manufacturing cells are working with Engineering, Programming and Purchasing to operate on an incentive system based on producing quality work on time and on budget. Operational improvements have increased overall productivity by 34% and fewer labor hours are now wasted in rework, material handling and searching for parts. Results also include a reduction in overall headcount with displaced operators re-assigned and re-trained to perform 'value-add' activities...

As a result of our consulting project, the ERP manufacturing system is now fully deployed and integrated into the workflow. Users know the system and have confidence in the numbers, the schedule and their ability to deliver quality product. The company achieved their goal of 20% operating profit and 100% on time shipment of each piece of equipment for the first time in 3 years. Customers are now being quoted shorter lead times, competitive pricing and quality product. Moreover, this manufacturing company can now serve as a model to show how other companies can and should take advantage of today's technology, workforce, workflow and systems to achieve profitable and sustainable growth

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“…. We operate better as a company, as a team working to deliver quality product on time to our customers. Now there are fewer bottlenecks and everyone understands the schedule and the budget for each piece of equipment… in hours, materials and dollars... It used to take us 6 to 9 months… Now we deliver each unit within 3 months of receiving the deposit. More importantly, we are showing a profit on every piece of equipment... I really never believed we could perform this well…”

President and Owner, Equipment Manufacturer


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