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This client had ‘lost’ their ability to produce what customers wanted. Our Needs Assessment had identified high turnover of both skilled labor and engineering professionals, low productivity and excessive overhead costs. Worst of all, the company was losing good customers and employees wanted to know where the company was headed and what needed to change.

Today, this client has re-invented itself, with our help, by cultivating a ‘Customer First’ culture with a renewed commitment from employees and a relentless pursuit of quality and process improvement. Functional responsibilities are clearly defined and each employee understands the ERP system, processes and procedures and is accountable for delivering results on-time and on budget.

Estimated and actual job costs are accurate and discussed each week and pricing, job performance and productivity have improved. Quality procedures are in place to prevent failures and non-conformances and the company is now ISO-certified. Both department and process efficiency have improved significantly and operating profit is up to 12% in the first year.

With increased capacity, improved capabilities and a re-deployed integrated ERP system, employees are focused on the future. Sales are growing at a steady pace and new customers are taking advantage of the company’s new ability to “fast track” an order and deliver a custom-engineered product on time and for a higher price.

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"...We Wouldn't Have Survived."

  • “….We needed to reduce our cycle time so we could quote shorter lead times to customers and we needed to reduce rework and wasted materials while improving our as-built product... So we purchased (new technology) to help... But, for two years in a row, we lost customers and market share —something that had never happened in our history…

    You showed us that the technology had become our focus, our purpose and all we talked about and worked on. Our product, our customers and our people had become distractions. Obviously, that needed to change…

    Thank you for your expertise, your experience, your patience and your drive to push us forward... We have just finished our second year under your guidance with 15% growth in sales and 12% operating profit. Without you and your staff, we wouldn’t have survived.”

    Owner and President, Design/Build Equipment Fabrication and Machine Shop

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      You've watched your business survive and thrive by providing competitive products that meet and exceed the needs and wants of your customers.

      But today's challenges are limitless and without easy solutions. Your people are working harder, longer and faster, but still delivering late and losing profit. Productivity is down, costs are higher and/or overhead has increased.

      You may be giving up sales to competitors and or losing market position because of issues with your people, your processes and procedures, your technology and systems, or your products.

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