What does High Performance
mean to you?

Strong Cash Flow Strong Operating Profit
High Productivity On-Time Delivery
Satisfied Customers Strong Market Share
Responsive Mgmt Team Excellent Customer Service
Quality Products Sustainable Growth


What do you Need to Improve?

Revenue, Profit, Cash Flow Management Leadership
Cycle Time, Thruput Product and Work Quality
On-time Delivery Estimates, Job Costs
Productivity, Efficiency Waste, Rework, Scrap
Project Mgmt Supply Chain Costs


Our Business Assessment and Needs Analysis


  • Current Position, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities
  • Management & People, Process & Workflow, Product & Svcs
  • Operational, Financial & Sales Performance
  • Key Performance Indicators, Critical Success Factors

  • Benchmarks Relative to Peers and Competitors
  • SMART Performance Goals and Objectives
  • Findings, Recommendations, Roadmap Forward

  • Develop Strategy and Plan, Objectives and Solutions
  • Focus on People, Business Processes and Technology


    2:1 Return on Investment

    Our recommended and implemented solutions will result in, at least, a 2 to 1 return on your investment in our services, your employees and your business. We guarantee it.




    verb: to Trust, Strengthen
    and Reinforce

    It's as Easy as
    1 - 2 - 3

    1. Meet with one of our Business Specialists to learn more about your business and ours.


    2. Receive a value-packed Business Analysis and Needs Assessment.


      3. Accept the challenge to deliver higher performance and use our expertise and experience to achieve your business goals and objectives.


    Our Story

    Since 1986, we have provided best-in-class performance improvement, process engineering, business advisory and management consulting and training services.


    Our clients include small to medium-size, family or privately-owned manufacturers, co-packers, private-equity firms, financial institutions, builders, developers and contractors.


    We are business executives, industry veterans, process engineers, technology experts and experienced turnaround specialists who together form an entrepreneurial team accountable for results and dedicated to your success.


    We enable and empower business owners, managers and employees to execute with excellence and measurable improvements in operational, sales and financial results.


    Our team of Solution Providers has proven expertise and experience in fully implementing successful solutions with changes in people, process, technology and product.


    "...You've Helped Us to Reinvent Our Business... "

    "...We were stuck in the past, still making money but not growing our customer base with new offerings... Your 'think outside the box' mantra and planning framework pushed us to identify new opportunities for the business... Now, six months later, I can't believe how successful we are becoming, thanks to you and your team."


    President and CEO, Ingredient Manufacturer


    "... We Have Exceeded All Our Expectations..."

    "... Your recommendations were 'right-on', especially now that we are one year later... With your help, we have exceeded all our expectations... Sales and profits are up and we have the 'right people in the right seats'... I'm pleased that you continue to check up on our numbers..."


    President and Owner, Specialty Job Shop


    "...You Opened My Eyes..."

    "...Benchmarking was new to us... I was proud of surviving but knew we were still failing...You gave us direction and encouraged us to make needed changes...Now I know we can be profitable..."


    Owner, Textile Manufacturer